How can I submit my blog?

To submit your blog, go to and choose the category that it best fits in.

Can I submit two blogs?

You can submit as may blogs so long as they fit in that particular category.  Any blog which does not suit the category it was submitted in may be removed from the competition or placed in another category without consultation.

Can I submit my blog more than once?

A blog need only to be submitted once. The number of times a blog is submitted to the contest does not influence its chances of advancing to the next round or its chances of winning.

Can I submit a blog that is not mine?

Yes, you can submit someone else’s blog. A blog owner can also submit their own blog into the competition.

Can I submit a new blog in another category?

Yes. Blogs can only be submitted in one category except for new blogs. New blogs can be submitted into the new blog category and one other category that fits.

What is regarded as a new blog?

A new blog is that which has been in existence for one year prior to the competition. In this case, blogs set up in January 2019 onward are regarded as new blogs.

What if my blog is not in any of the aforementioned categories?

If your blog is not in any of the categories listed, you can submit it into the topical blog category

What if my blog fits in more than two categories but is not a new blog?

If your blog fits in more than two categories, choose the category that it best fits.

Are there any restrictions regarding content, language, subject matter etc..?

Blogs that contravene the Kenyan Constitution and laws, contain or link to any form of insulting, racist, sexist, misogynistic, homophobic, transphobic or in any other way discriminatory or obscene content will not be permitted.